How to win at the online casino

How to win at the online casino as a beginner? Even though the answer to this question that regularly pops up on the internet involves a luck factor, there are still some tips that will enable beginners to improve their chances of winning on any game available on our platform. Are you not too familiar with online gambling? 
Here's how you can try to win at the online casino: Everyone has their own game!
Every day, numerous internet users make astronomical winnings just by playing slot machines or participating in table games. Therefore, the question can quickly arise for beginners: How can one win in an online casino? Even though numerous methods are published on the Internet whose reliability is extremely questionable, there are nevertheless certain recommendations that will significantly improve your chances of winning!

Does it make sense to specialise in a certain game in order to hit the jackpot? The answer to this question always triggers many debates on the internet. However, the choice of an online casino game should always correspond to your preferences and affinities. For example, it would make no sense at all to play blackjack if the rules of this game seem boring to you. One should not forget, even if the winning opportunities in a particular online casino make many players dream, entertainment and fun should always come first!

The rest of this article lists various tips for all online games. Nonetheless, it should not be forgotten that all casino games have one thing in common, namely luck. It doesn't matter whether you are a fan of blackjack, baccarat, roulette, slot machines or live games: Your "lucky star" is always your best ally to achieve the biggest winnings.

How to win at the online casino: The complete guide for beginners

Choose the demo version of your game first
Don't lose heart in your first games if the rules and mechanics of a game seem too complex. If you don't understand the rules, it can have a negative effect and cause you to make illogical decisions. It is best that you first discover your game for yourself using the demo version (click on "Test" while hovering over your selection with the mouse). This way, you can play with fictitious money and thus not lose any real money.

Regardless of your player balance, start with smaller stakes.
Have you familiarised yourself with the rules and mechanisms of one of our games? Then it's time to step up a gear and try to hit the jackpot! However, regardless of the value of your player balance, we recommend that you play your first games with smaller stakes. Even though this will give you smaller wins, you will limit your potential losses. As time goes on and you think the moment is right, don't hesitate to increase your bets.

How to try to win at the online casino: Set goals for your winnings!
Play to win... but how much Swiss francs do you want to win? Whether you are interested in slots, table games, video poker or live games, we recommend that you always set yourself goals for your winnings. Set yourself "win levels" that you would like to achieve so that you can manage your gaming balance in the best possible way.

Don't hesitate to change games
Have you been playing a particular game for quite a while, but somehow it no longer gives you the same satisfaction and feeling of happiness as your first games? Then it's high time to take a look at our games catalogue and discover other exciting games! If you have lost interest in a game, this inevitably affects not only your gaming experience... but also indirectly on your chances of winning! Have you ever played alternative table games or experienced the thrill of live games? Don't wait any longer and browse through our various categories. You will be satisfied again and again!

Take advantage of your online casino's bonuses to maximise your chances of winning
How to try to win at the casino with optimal playing conditions? Factors that should not be neglected are certainly the various bonuses and promotions. Visit our online casino regularly to not miss our bonuses, multiply the amount of your player balance and improve your chances of winning the jackpot!

Live games are ideal for improving your strategies
Live games offer a unique gaming experience where every action is filmed and broadcast live. As a "false beginner", this gaming system is ideal for analysing other players' strategies, expanding your knowledge and adopting new refined behaviours.

Attention: Please note that live games are not available in the demo version. If possible, familiarise yourself with other versions of the table games first, or make small initial bets in your first games to gradually familiarise yourself with all the rules and mechanisms while limiting possible losses.


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